• GCBC Presents
    Revitalize through
    Topics: Spiritual Disciplines, Studying God's Word, Prayer and Thanksgiving,
    Giving, Praise and Worship, Disciple of Jesus Christ.
    Welcome to Greater Calvary Bible Church
    Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands, II, Senior Pastor


Revitalize Through Discipleship

June 17-21, 2019 7:00 pm

About The Church

Church Vision

We envision a ministry where Christ centered families of high integrity, learn the truth, live free, serve one another and worship God.

Church Mission

Our mission is to win souls to Christ, to make disciples and develop Christ centered families of high integrity as a Kingdom priority, to live free, to serve one another and to worship God.

Ministry Focus

The 2019 GCBC Ministry is focused through three (3) salient areas:
  • Revitalize Through Discipleship.
  • Develop Generational Leaders.
  • Body Health and Wellness.

Words from our Pastor

We are blessed and privileged to celebrate our 35th year of ministry in Austin, Texas. God continues to bless us as a family. We are believing God in the wonderful new thing He is doing in the GCBC family. We are thankful for God’s undying love. There is no doubt that we are a chosen generation, called forth to show His excellence.

In 2019, we are committed to being intentional about keeping our church focused on the family as a Kingdom priority. We refuse to let the tyranny of the urgent replace the priority of the important. We are involved with each other and we share our challenges and victories. Revitalization through discipleship, developing generational leaders, and body health and wellness are ongoing challenges. We need each active member to choose to be all the way in the ministry. We bring glory to God and honor to each other when we work together. We are a Christ-Centered Family-Focused Church committed to salvation, education, liberation, dedication, and exaltation.