Imagine if you died today.
Where would you go?

Heaven? Hell? Not Sure?
God loves you so much that he has prepared a place for you. And you can be sure that God wants you with Him. Not only in the life after, but RIGHT NOW!


Jesus was conceived in the virgin Mary, and was made man. He grew up and though He never committed a crime against man or a sin against God, He was sentenced to death. Jesus humbly accepted this sentence. He was severly beaten and then nailed to a cross. Jesus endured the pain that any person would have experienced during such an ordeal. Jesus died on the cross and was buried.

However, It is not over!

On the third day, early on the first day of the week Jesus Christ rose from the grave. Not as a ghost, zombie, myth, fantasy or figment of one's imagination. Jesus rose from the grave as a living, breathing, engaging man and is alive right now, TODAY!

So now what?

If you believe and confess Jesus Christ as the risen savior and Lord of your life, you receive life and have it more abundantly.

For you this means...

  • HELL NO MORE: Hell is for those who reject Jesus Christ, not for you.
  • OPPORTUNITY GALORE: You can talk to Him about anything and know that he hears you.
  • POWER MOVE: As you Grow and mature in Christ you receive and have access to the tools you need to overcome any and every situation.
  • ETERNAL GROOVE: You have a chance to become who you already are in Christ.

Jesus Christ, plain and simple. No gimmicks and no hidden agendas.

If you want what God is offering through His son Jesus Christ, simply agree with the prayer below and provide your name and email so that we may follow up with you on this awesome journey, (we sell nothing) and invite you to our worship opportunities.

"The Sinners Prayer"
Lord God, I am a sinner. I need you in my life. Jesus please come into my heart. I believe you died for me, you were buried and you rose from the grave. I believe you are alive right now. Thank you for dying for me and making a way for me to be with you for eternity. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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