Who We Are

Greater Calvary Bible Church under the leadership of Archbishop Dr. Lands is a global ministry. Reaching beyond the walls, the state, country and continent. The church as God intended has always been global so that it can present a global message, Jesus Christ is Lord.

There will be many changes for the 21st Century Church in the post COVID-19 world. We are living out some of those changes now - online weekly gatherings, small groups online, and digital giving. Doctrine and orthodoxy remain the same. The need to reach our community post COVID-19 is a high priority.

We are invested in and fueled by the Word of God in everything we do. We focus our energy and efforts toward developing and practicing godly family values. We remain committed to revitalization through discipleship, developing generational leaders, and body health and wellness. We refuse to let the tyranny of the urgent replace the priority of the important. We are involved with each other and we share our challenges and victories. We view health and hygiene microscopically.

We are a Christ-Centered Family-Focused Ministry committed to the great commission (Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:14–18; Luke 24:44–49; Acts 1:4–8; John 20:19–23) and the great commandment (Matt. 22:35–40; Mark 12:28–34; Luke 10:27).


Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands, II, Senior Pastor
Bishop Kristoffer Lands, Alpha Bible Church (ABC)
Bishop Richard Lands, Beta Bible Church (BBC)
Overseer LaDonna Tavernier, Gamma Bible Church (GBC)
Bishop NeShaun Jones, Delta Bible Church (DBC)
Overseer Larry Lands, Theta Bible Church (TBC)
Bishop Maurice Youmans, Omega Bible Church (OBC)

Where We Are



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