The Greater Calvary Bible Church is founded on the basic biblical principles of Salvation, Education, and Liberation. We are a Christ-centered Family focused full gospel, abundant life Church family. We believe that people must be saved. Saved people must be taught the truth of God's Word and made free through the application of that truth.

We are an inter-generational ministry and we encourage participation by every member. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we commit to embody the character of Christ, embrace the vision of Christ and empower the people of Christ as we pursue godliness.

    We view the family as a Kingdom priority. The book of Romans refers to followers of Christ as members of a body. We understand this as a family of families in which we can encourage one another and be accountable to each other.

We focus attitudes and actions through the lense of salvation, education, liberation, dedication and exaltation. Members are encouraged to pursue godliness as disciples of Christ. Our expectations are high and they involve worship, growing, serving, giving, praying, seeking unity, and being sacrificial as a reflection of our commitment to godliness.

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